Here's what our clients are saying about Best Friends Doggy Daycare!

"Moose comes every day.  She has great canine friends that she plays with each day.  She comes home a happy, well behaved and well exercised pup!  Thank you for making this possible!"  Laura & Don King, owners of Moose, a 6 month old Chocolate Lab

"Kobe started daycare as a timid rescue dog.  Now, 6 years later, he confidently runs the place - or so he thinks - and he loves "his" staff.  Daycare has been great for building dog and human social skills!"  Janet Morlan and Jim Good, owners of Kobe, a Belgian Tervuren

"Both dogs know when it's a morning to head to daycare for the day and they wag their tails from leaving our front door all the way to the gate at the front desk of Best Friends."  Cindy Ocamb, owner of Abby, a Walker Hound and Peanut, a Mini Dachshund

"I love going to doggy daycare.  You should bring your dog too because I would like to meet you."  Jazz, an All American, as told to her owner Leslie Doucette

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