All Nosework classes are 90 minutes each.

Intro to K9 Nose Work: Beginning Nose Work is for those who have not taken a Nose Work class before or for those who feel their dogís need a bit more work before moving on to Odor. This class starts with the very basics of waking the dogs up to their hunting instincts and teaching them this fun new game. It helps build confidence in shy or fearful dogs and is a great sport for dogs who have dog issues as the class works only with one dog in the room at a time. If youíre looking for a sport for your dog and havenít found one yet, come try Nose Work.

Intro to Odor: This is the second level of Nose Work. This class introduces the team to the first Nose Work odor and teaches the dog how to hunt for the specific odor. This class is by the instructorís permission only and you must have completed at least one Intro to Nose Work class with a Nose Work instructor.

Continuing Nose Work: This class is for teams that have completed an Intro to Odor class and are interested in learning the finer points of Nose Work competition. This class will start to cover all four aspects of competition with Container Searches, Interiors, Exteriors and Vehicles.

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