Proofing and Distractions Class

Pre-Requisite:  Beginner Obedience


*** A ‘Step Beyond’ Beginner Obedience! ***

During this class, we will venture out and about… beyond the classroom walls.  We will visit public parks… mosey down residential sidewalks… and, stroll down “up-town” streets.


We'll teach the dogs to:

- Remain mentally connected while walking with a loose leash, even when a child runs by bouncing a ball, or when a bicyclist goes whirling past.

- Come when you call him/her... the 1st time, every time, even with cats, birds, or enticingly scented bushes in the path.

- Be polite in many different social settings and with people of all ages.


In the areas we visit and work in, we will teach you the appropriate handling practices you need to use with your dog in order for him/her to be well mannered, and for you both to be comfortable with many circumstances and in many surroundings.


More Proofing is done with behaviors of:


Leave It and Take It

Stay – with Sit, Down, and Stand

Being Appropriate and Polite with Others


Most Importantly…


You will be building an even better relationship between yourself and your dog!


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