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We carry all kinds of products. Whether it's grooming, dog food, supplements, toys, treats or special orders, we are here to serve you! We like to specialize in enrichment toys- toys that make your dog think, and work for his or her food. If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask any staff member to get a special order going. We are not currently set up for online ordering, so please come on by.


Our hours are the same as daycare:  7am - 6pm Monday through Friday and 8am - 6pm Saturday


We are constantly updating our store to offer you the best products out there, so there may be items not listed online yet. Just ask a staff member.

Prices may vary.

click image for sizing chart
The lightly padded nylon ComfortFlex Sport Harness offers you and your dog safety, simplicity, and security. Unlike many harnesses, the ComfortFlex Sport Harness is designed to protect sensitive areas, like your dog's throat and underarm, during any level of exercise. Due to the dynamic position of the leash connection, pressure is always directed directly to the dog's chest, never riding up on his throat. This simple yet effective ergonomic design also lets your dog retain a full range of motion without having to worry about underarm irritation or chafing.

Getting your dog into this harness is incredibly easy. Just drop it over your dog's head, secure the Velcro strap around his girth, and connect the safety snap. With very little practice, this can even be done with just one hand. Reflective nylon strapping is easily seen in low-light situations. It is machine washable at a low temperature. Line dry; do not tumble dry.

The ComfortFlex Sport Harness comes in eight sizes (various colors), and is fully adjustable.

Zukes Mini Naturals -                
Chicken, Wild Rabbit, Salmon, and Peanut Butter    6 oz.

Chicken, Peanut Butter, or Salmon    1 lb.
Zukes Jerky Naturals - Beef or Lamb 6.00
Zukes Filets - Chicken 6.00
Grizzly NuTreats 5.00
Baa-Baa-Q's (Dehydrated lamb lung) 12.00
Pro Treat Liver (dehydrated) 21oz 35.00
Pure Vita treats - Comes in a hip & joint formula (chicken flavor)
or Skin & Coat (salmon flavor)
4.00 ea.
Dog Lovers Gold - A high quality food for your dog.
No corn, wheat, soy, or other fillers.
First six ingredients are lamb meal, chicken meal,
chicken liver meal, fish liver meal, and dried whole eggs
33 lb - 41.00
11 lb-22.00
Addiction Meaty Bites - Comes in free-range New Zealand chicken
or free-range New Zealand venison.
Both feature only the meat, potatoes, natural vegetable glycerin,
and natural antioxidants. Comes in two sizes.
4oz - 6.00
12oz - 16.50
Sea-Pet - Mercury free fish oils with omega 3 fatty acids.
Helps keep dogs coats healthy.
8oz - 11.00
16oz - 17.00
32oz - 29.00
1gal - 80.00
Chuck it! Ultra Ball - Made by the same company that has the Chuckit! Launcher. Made from natural rubber it's ultra buoyant, bounces high, and easily cleaned. Package of two    
Medium - 7.00

Single Ball    

Bamboo collapsible bowl - Dishwasher safe,
durable, silicone material - Various colors
1 cup-8.00
3 cup-11.00
Everlasting Treat Ball - Rubber treat dispenser
fill with treats or the treat discs.
Medium 20.00
Small 13.00
Everlasting Treat Ball Refills - Liver, Chicken, or BBQ Small 4.00
Medium 6.00
Busy Buddy - The Chuckle - Treats dispense from the ends and
when shaken it makes a funny noise
Jolly Pet Critters- A great toy to stuff with all kinds of goodies.
Made from a natural rubber material.
Fantastic Foam Ball - Soft, yet extremely durable.
It bounces, floats.
Medium 5.00
Large 9.00
Fire hose toy-Tough chew and play toy that floats.
It's made from the same material as firehoses, yet is still soft for dogs.
Also has a squeaker.

KONG - We have assorted styles and sizes!
Kongs are a great way to keep a dog busy.
Fill themwith all kinds of goodies.
The Kong Goodie Bones feature holes on the ends to fill up.
Senior and puppy styles have a softer rubber
(Senior is softer for aging jaws and teeth, Puppy is more
flexible to accommodate growing and teething puppies),
black is extra tough rubber, red is regular strength.
They come in all sizes, from tiny ones all the way up to
extra large! Puppy versions come in either blue or pink.
Senior (med) 8.00
Red (XL) 18.00
Red (L) 11.00
Black (L) 13.50
Puppy (S) 6.00
Puppy (M) 8.50
Puppy Goodie Bone 11.00

Busy Buddy Bristle Bone - Provides a unique chewing experience.
X-Small 5.00
Small 7.00
Med 10.00

KONG Wubba - A double reinforced fabric (or neoprene for the water version) covered tennis ball and squeaker with "tails". Dogs love to shake them, fetch them, and carry them around.
Styles include Snugga, Puppy, Water, Mega, and regular.
Snugga is made out of a fleecy material and two balls instead of a ball and squeaker (small only has one ball).
Colors are pastel pink, purple, and blue. Sizes small, large, and extra large.
Puppy comes in one size and is available in pink or blue.
Water is a brightly colored neoprene fabric that dries fast. Has no squeaker.
Colors are orange, green, and yellow
Snugga 7.00
Puppy 6.00
Wubba(S) 7.00
Wubba(L) 9.00

Bob-A-Lot - A fun little toy. As the dog paws/noses the toy it bobs back and forth all while dispensing treats through a hole near the bottom. The toy always self rights after each whack!
Hol-ee Roller - Assorted colors
Small 8.00
Medium 12.00
Everlasting Fun Ball (just the ball, pictures are ideas) 11.00
Fetch Me Fido-a tennis ball with a handle! Usually less slobber on you when you grab the handle portion to throw the ball.
Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble- A treat dispensing plastic ball with rubber bumpers to keep walls safe. Easy to fill and clean, just unscrew.

Tug a Jug - A great way to make your dog work and think for his meals. Made out of a non-toxic material similar to bullet-proof glass. Your dog can see, smell, and hear the food, they just need to pull on the rubber rope and maneuver it around to get the treats out.
Small 11.00
Large/Medium 18.00
Tuff Balls-Industrial strength tennis balls.
Package of two 5.00
Team Real Tree Football- Calling all doggy football fans! A rubber treat holder to keep them busy and celebrate the sport. Stuff biscuits and food inside for your dog's interest. Extremely durable.
Air Kong Squeakers - Tennis balls with a squeaker built in.
Both are sold in packages of three.
Xtra Small 2.50
Medium 4.50

Easy Glider Max - Durable soft foam makes it easier on dogs'gums, teeth, and jaws. Easy to throw straight and level. Unique design makes it glide through the air without taking sharp turns or arcs. Then lands gently for your dog to easily grab.Not to mention it floats!
Three colors as shown
Squeaker mat (sheep) - Made from berber fleece it features a rattle in the head and 16 squeakers, one in each little square.

Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone- Unscrew the bone ends and put on a gnawhide ring (comes with bones and refills are sold separately) and let the dog have at it!
Large 20.00
Medium 10.00
Refills 9.00
Nylabone Wishbone
Wolf size
(largest) 7.00

Nylabone Ring

Giant (largest)

Nylabone Galileo
Small 11.50
Wolf 15.00
Souper 20.00
Nylabone Knott
Double Action Chew- Multiple textures provide chewing satisfaction, durable ends specially designed for powerful chewers,dental nubs help clean your dog's teeth, helps reduce plaque and tartar.
8.00 and 16.00
Double Action Dental Chew-Designed so dogs can have the benefit of a chew that is both soft for carrying, yet durable for chewing. Small bristle-like projections help keep teeth clean and massage gums during chewing. A soft rubber, minty fresh center keeps breath fresh, and durable ends satisfy even the most determined chewers.
Two sizes
8.00 and 17.00
Nylabone Rhino-Strong, puncture resistant, made of all natural rubber material.

Citronella Bark Collar- A humane way to stop a barking dog. Each time the collar senses a bark (through vibrations) it releases a spray of citronella.
Citronella is disliked by most dogs.
The spray command is a great way to discourage behaviors (or barking) that aren't able to trigger the regular collar. 1st button is a tone (warning) 2nd button is a short spray of citronella, 3rd button is a longer spray. Examples for spray collar use would be digging, counter surfing, barks that the regular collar doesn't trigger, all kinds of uses!
Each kit comes with the collar, a battery, and a can of citronella. We also sell refill canisters.

Refills(scent or scentless) 9.00ea.

Spray Collar-75.00

Replacement Batteries-4.00
Exercise Pen. (X- Pen) A safe way to keep dogs contained while giving them plenty of room. Many different ways to arrange it.
24" tall by 24" wide 40.00
Treat N Ball bag - Best of both worlds! It holds treats and a tennis ball. Drawstring closure, hooks onto your waist, place for your keys.
TropiClean - Doggy shampoo

We carry all sizes of haltis. It's a great training device to keep your dog from pulling. Come in to get your dog fitted for the perfect size. We can also give you a lesson on how to best use this aid.
Size 0 - 13.00
Size 1,2,3 - 15.00
Size 4, 5 - 19.00
Bamboo Pet nail clippers-All your nail care needs in one. Assorted colors and two different sizes each having a nail file and styptic powder built into the handle. Large 14.00
Small 11.00

Hyperflite discs - Jawz disc, Jawz Pup disc, UV color change or Competition Standard discs in a variety of colors.

Jawz discs are the world's toughest competition-approved disc. In normal play or practice, Jawz discs can stand up gnashing canine teeth better than other competition discs However they are not meant to be a chew toy, nor do they float in water.
Jawz Pup disc is the same as Jawz disc on a smaller scale.
Competition Standard discs are the official competition flying discs for the largest competition series in the world.
UV color changing color disc-This photo-chromatic (color-changing) disc appears opaque white in color until exposed to sunlight (or a blacklight). In low light conditions, the UV disc becomes lighter in color and easy for your dog to spot against darker backgrounds. How cool!
Jawz disc- 10.00
Jawz Pup- 9.00
Paws Gourmet-Kickin' Chicken, White Cheddar, or Liver Mesquite. Made in a USDA Inspected Humane Grade Facility. Made with only USDA inspected Meat. Antibiotic and Hormone Free. No corn, wheat, or Soy. No added sugars, flavors, or preservatives. Single protein source. Makes a perfect training treat, with great palatability. Simple, but healthy ingredients.
6 oz. - 6.00
1 lb. - 10.00
3 lb. - 20.00
Plato Smart Dog Treats-Chicken, Salmon, Duck
Charlee Bear Treats-Perfect size for training!
Low in calories!
6 oz. - 3.50
16 oz. - 4.50
17 oz. - (tub)6.00
Bottle Buddies-Fun styles of animals with a plastic bottle center.
Busy Buddy Twist N Treat- Wonderful way to make your dog think for the treats! He can smell and hear the treats and has to figure out how to get them out.
Four sizes

West Paw Design toys! Made in Montana, USA. Durable, guaranteed if destroyed. They bounce and float. Assorted colors and sizes! 100% recyclable. Dishwasher safe!

Huck Ball - A nice n tough ball
Hurley - Like a rubber stick!
Tux - A fun treat dispenser toy
Huck (S)- 8.00
(L)- 12.00
Hurley (S)- 9.00
(L)- 12.00
Tux- 14.00
Busy Buddy Puppy Waggle- A fun treat dispensing toy for puppies! Various sizes-
$6.00, $8.00, $10.00
Busy Buddy Puppy Block-A cute way to dispense treats/biscuits. Two sizes-
$8.00 or $10.00

Chuck It! Accessories- We have all kinds of balls to fit into the Chuck It! The green ones bounce randomly, and the blue ones whistle through the air.
Each is a pack of two
We also sell the Chuck It!-Various sizes and colors
Blue Whistler Ball
Green Erattic ball-$9.00

Chuck It! Flying Squirel - Floats, easy to pick up, and flies great.
Various sizes and colors
10.00 or 15.00
Zanies Boomerang- Plush toy with squeaker. Comes ingreen or orange, one size. 9.00
Zanies Whirleez-Same as the Zanies Boomerang, but different shape! 10.00
KONG Wobbler-Dispenses treats at random as the dog bats it around! 20.00
Starmark Clicker- Ergonomic training. Easy to find, easy to click button  
Master Grooming Tools Various pricing and styles. Please come in to see selection!
Casual Canine Reflective Jacket-Keep your dog dry in Oregon weather! Various prices and sizes available, please come in for a fitting!
Monster Mouth-Fun way to dispense treats. Also, while your pet tries to get the treats out, their teeth and gums are massaged by the different sized teeth on the toy. Rubber products made from a 100% non toxic rubber. This means your dog can chew, lick, bite, and swallow our rubber and they will not be ill. Rubber products are vanilla scented. Small-6.00
Jolly Tug-Durable patented squeaking assembly makes this toy one of a kind. It squeaks when both handles are tugged. Perfect for multi dog use and interactive play. Tug is made from 100% non-toxic, new materials. They float, are extra durable and squeak Med-7.00
A bright, colorful alternative to rope toys. Made with soft, nontoxic materials that effectively wipe your dog's teeth and gums clean during play! Assorted colors Med-3.00
A super tough, durable toy that is made right here in the USA in an environmentally friendly solar powered facility. Infused with vanilla, the MegaLast Bone comes in assorted styles and translucent bright colors. This buoyant, floating ball is mega strong, mega bouncy, and mega fun. Assorted Colors Large -5.00
The Megalast Long Dog is the first Megalast toy with a squeaker! This toy will do it all. It is durable, squeaky and floatable. It is the right size and shape for a great game of fetch with your dog. The Megalast rubber-like chew toy now has the squeaky sound that dogs crave. Assorted Colors Large - 7.00
Infused with vanilla, the MegaLast Ball comes in assorted styles and translucent bright colors. This buoyant, floating ball is mega strong, mega bouncy, and mega fun! Small - 2.00
Medium - 4.00
The Tough By Nature Lucky Bamboo Stick Small is a durable, natural rubber dog toy. It is the perfect shape for throwing, fetching, and carrying. A solid center makes this stick capable of standing up to endless games and intense chewers. The Lucky Bamboo Stick has open ends that can be stuffed with treats or peanut butter. With infused vanilla scent and realistic detailing, dogs who play with this tough toy are truly lucky! 7.00
Aluminum Flex Rake Pooper Scooper Assorted Colors 22.00
Safe-T-Strobe- Great for dark walks. Flashing LED strobe-Easy on-off switch, water resistant, easy battery replacement, visible up to 1/2 mile for you and your pets safety, 360 degree illumination, motion and light activated 5.00
Easy-to-use adhesive rollers are great for removing pet hair and dander from clothes, furniture, rugs and more. Great for travel too. 4.00
Refills - 3.00
Exercise Pens (X-pen) all sizes available. Let us know what you need. Rent or buy.
Hanging metal bowl- 8oz Clips easily onto crates and x-pens 5.00
Dog Savers Stick Med-8.00
Chompy romper ball 3.00
Chompy rubber tug 8.00
Jakk pets paw doodles mega krinklers. Various animals. Pig & hippo hold a 2 liter bottle, Panda can hold a 1 gallon bottle (or two 2 liter bottles), skunk comes with a 2 liter bottle. 8.00
Eco friendly pentapulls. They love them! These toys have been such a great success! Pentapulls are made of 4 layers of 1680 denier nylon for super durability. The arms and legs are designed in an "X" and super stitched to form an excellent toy for pulling, shaking and general rough housing.5 squeakers. Patent Pending. 11.00
Hard boiled softies.
This egg-shaped critter may look soft, but it's hard enough to stand up to the most aggressive chewers! The secret to its surprising sturdiness is a thick, durable rubber shell under its soft plush exterior. Includes a loud squeaker inside
Eco-Friendly tails toy. BPA and Phthalate free ball made from our proprietary formula, it is super-dog tough. Double tails with an inside layer of ballistic fabric, made from recycled water and soda bottles. Outside layer of long plush. 2 squeakers. No stuffing. Crazy, floppy, fun. Dogs go crazy over this toy. Made from soda and water bottles. 8.00
No Picture Available Sorry! Paw Doodles Toss N Tug. Shaped like a long Alligator. Replaceable foam insert. 8.00
Buckarooz! Naturally shed deer antlers. Long lasting, durable chew with minerals and nutrients. Single & Value Packs available Various pricing
Butcher's Bones 4.00 ea
Himalayan dog chews-Edible dog chew made from yak and cow milk Small-7.00
Customizable treat dispenser 8.00
A twist on the round Hol-ee Mol-ee, it's the Sphericon! Various sizes and colors 7.00
The Pogo Plush Ball is a squeak, rubber, and plush toy, all in one! The rubber cage creates a bounce not found in other plush toys. It also prevents the squeaker from being removed and swallowed. Small-4.50
Pogo Plush Slap Happy is a squeak toy, rubber toy and plush toy, all in one! While the exterior is soft and cuddly, the interior rubber "cage" gives the Slap Happy a bounce unlike any other plush toy. The natural rubber is tantalizingly chewable, but have no fear: the Slap Happy is stuffing-free! The free-floating squeaker makes unexpected noises, constantly surprising and challenging your dog. Small-6.50
Orbee balls-Rated Top Product of the Year by numerous magazines and called the "world's best dog ball" by industry experts - this doggie-durable, buoyant, bouncy and minty toy is irresistible to dogs. Various colors Small-5.00
Chuckit! Plush boomerang- High quality plush are great for interactive play! 4.00
Chuckit! Amphibious boomerang- Ultimate water play. Floats high on the water and floats through the air. Easy on a dog's mouth as well. Various Colors 8.00 Med
Chuckit! Bumper- Ultimate water play. Floats high on the water and floats through the air. Easy on a dog's mouth as well. Various Colors 8.00

Chuckit! Flying ring- Ultimate water play. Floats high on the water and floats through the air. Easy on a dog's mouth as well. Various Colors 9.00 Med
Chuckit! Fetch Medley (Glow, Recycled, Whistle)- A package of some of the best balls. The whistler sounds off in flight, Glow glows in the dark, and Recycled is made from recycled materials. 18.00
Chuckit! Classic Launcher
Junior Launcher
Small Launcher
Pocket Launcher
Nylabone Durachew Ring- This veterinarian recommended is a long lasting chew designed for powerful chewers. Multiple textures offer increased tactile and chewing appeal. Bristles raised during chewing help clean teeth and the cleaning action helps control plaque and tartar build-up. Chicken Flavor 6.50 Large
Nylabone Durachew Textured Chew- Long lasting chew designed for powerful chewers. Ridge and nub design provides dental stimulation and chewing satisfaction. Chicken Flavor 4.00 Medium
Nylabone Durachew Stick- Grooves and with a hollow center for stuffing full of goodies. Designed for powerful chewers Bacon Flavored 14.50 Large
8.00 Medium
Nylabone Durachew Airscrew- Another great Nylabone product designed for powerful chewers. Bacon Flavor 10.00 Medium
Nylabone Little Princess Wishbone. Perfect size and color for little dogs! Small dogs can be amazingly strong chewers. Bristles raised during chewing help clean teeth and control plaque & tartar build-up. 3.00

Nylabone Dental Chew Dinosaur- Gently rounded dental nubs and bristles raised during chewing help clean teeth plus control plaque & tartar build-up. 5.00
Nylabone- The original, basic Nylabone
Various sizes.
     Busy Buddle Waggle- A fun treat dispensing toy that has a super flexible middle allows the toy to be playfully shaken back and forth. Kibble and treats randomly dispense from the patented Treat Meter. Made of natural rubber. Recommended for medium to strong chewers. Med./Lg. 6.50

Goughnuts- green means go, red means stop. Durable, guaranteed, water proof (Floats!).Two sizes for round, 1 size for stick! If your dog is a tough chewer, we recommend you try the black version (extra durable). With the balls, they are grooved to make sure a dog never chokes on the ball. Red color ball is designed as a cheaper version, but is not as strong. Only one layer. Still guaranteed, but it is designed to be interactive, not just let the dog chew on the ball. The company chose red for the ball so that people would pay close attention to dog toys for wear and tear, rather than just going with green means go, red means stop since there is only one layer to that ball (the others have two layers, core red). All balls float and bounce. Round-
(S) 15.00
(L) 20.00

Sticks -
(Green) 18.00
(Black) 20.00

(Red) 15.00
(Green) 18.00
(Black) 20.00
JW Giggler Ball- The Giggler Ball is a hard natural rubber dog ball that bounces and laughs! This tough chew and fetch toy is covered with whimsical textured bone and paw prints and comes in a variety of colors. Various Colors 5.00
Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom- The Magic Mushroom's whimsical spin keeps dogs engaged as they work for their food. Twist off the mushroom base to load with kibble or treats. Replace the base and twist off the mushroom cap to adjust the customizable treat windows. Replace the cap and let the fun begin! The Magic Mushroom holds a variety of kibble and treats. Medium 10.00
Large 13.00
Kyjen Invincibles- Fuzzy fun loving plush gecko toy provides interactive fun for your pet. Specially designed squeakers will still operate even after hours of being bitten and tossed around. Tail rattle offers extra excitement and no stuffing to make a mess! Various Styles 7.00
DoggyHoots Wonky Bonkers- Chuck 'em, Toss 'em, bounce 'em High! Wonky Bonkers are the perfect toss -n- tug toy! Totally tough, yet fantastically floppy, they're what dogs are barking for. Wonky Bonker bounce is going to drive your dog, well, bonkers with doggy delight! 14.00
Huggle Hounds- Looking just like a plush toy the body is made of Ruff-Tex while his arms, legs and ears are made of corduroy. Ruff-Tex is a unique combination of thick-walled, flexible, 100% natural rubber. Eyes and nose are painted with safe colorings. Huggle Hounds are recommended for softer chewers. The toys are lined with HuggleHounds super-durable, patent-pending Tuffut Technology, delivering the strongest plush toy for your pet. There are no external seams that aggressive chewers can open easily. One squeaker inside.
Various Styles and Sizes.
Jolly Egg-Hard plastic egg shaped is perfect for dogs who like a chase. Hard to get their mouths around so it squirts out of their mouth! Nearly indestructible. Various colors and sizes. 12.00
Jolly Ball-Just like the egg, but in a round shape. Nearly indestructible. It's made out of rugged polyurethane here in the USA. It is heavy duty, tough plastic ball that will not pop when used as a big dog play toy. Larger sizes can be filled with water or sand to make fun noises and erratic movements. Various sizes and colors. Dog Room tested! 26.00

Jolly Pets Jolly Tug- Tuggable, squeakable and very durable, but not your everyday tug! Designed so the squeaker activates only when both handles are tugged. This unique squeaking action motivates dogs to keep on tugging. Floats and is extra durable.
Various Colors

Linkables- This treat dispensing toy is the new, progressive way to play with and challenge your dog! Thanks to the unique, patented design, you can mix and match the Links to create an ever-changing toy combination for your dog. Start with one shape and encourage your pup to interact with the toy. Once he easily empties the toy, add another Link to increase the challenge. They "grow" with your dog's skills. When your dog has mastered two Links, add a third, then a fourth to keep the fun going! The patented design allows you to easily connect individual Links. The two-part connection point allows you to choose the level of difficulty for your dog.
*PLEASE NOTE: If you have a dog who continues to chew on the toy after it is empty, or who seems to want to chew through the toy instead of pawing and flipping it, pick up the toy and only let them play when they are working it appropriately. Inspect the toys before every use, and remove or replace them when they show signs of excessive wear or breakage.
Various Styles
20.00 for the set
8.50 Orb
6.50 Link
Nuts for Knots- A dog toy with a tough rope and entertaining ball all in one. Dogs love rope toys and dogs love balls, so what better dog toys than a rope ball? None! Durable rope ball is a great dog toy for a game of fetch. The tough rope will withstand even the most determined chewer. Cleans away plaque for healthy teeth and gums. This perfect choice for a relentless chewer helps to rid your dog's teeth of plaque as he romps and plays. Bright, assorted-color, 100% polyester rope ball 4.00
Dog Savers- Like a human life-saver, but for dogs! The Dogsaver is the perfect toy for tossing and chewing! These bright candy-colored toys are constructed of super durable synthetic rubber, ideal for tough chewers and rambunctious fetchers. It even floats for fun summer water games! 16.50

Everlasting Fire Plug-From the makers of the Everlasting Treat Ball in a fun new shape and color! See if your dog can get the goodies out of this toy.
We also carry refills
Small- 8.50
Medium- 12.00
Large- 15.00

Meteor Lite K-9 Balls- The long lasting battery is replaceable! Tough, water resistant, and comes in a variety of cool colors .If you can't choose one color, get the color changing version! All the colors in one ball. Balls turn on and off by pressing on the ball. Doesn't turn off when the ball bounces. 7.00

Magic Marker- For you or your dog. Be seen at night. Easily attaches to your dog's collar or your wrist/clothes. Made by the same company as the K-9 Balls. Flexible, lightweight, push button design. Flash or glow functions, reflextive. Shock and weather resistant. Easily visible up to a mile away. Easy to replace long lasting batteries. 9.50

Nite Dawg Collar- By the same company as Magic Marker, Meteror K-9 Balls, Night Dawg Leash, and Spot Lit this collar helps your dog be seen in the dark. Features a strong metal D-ring, quick release buckle and weather resistant push-button switch that turns it on and off as well as changes it from glow to flash mode. Bright Red LED Reflective stripe adds passive reflectivity. Has 100 hour battery life that can be replaced when it wears out. Made of high quality nylon it is lightweight, yet durable. Collar. Fully weather-resistant and visible up to 1000 feet in the dark. Even more effective when paired with the Nite Dawg Leash. Other sizes and prices, please come get fitted! Med.13"-18" 11.00
Nite Dawg 5ft Leash- Matches the collar above, same great features in a leash form. Leash is 5' long with 18" of flexible LED illumination polymer core, with a reflective stripe for passive reflectivity. Made of high-quality, durable nylon and measuring 5 feet in length, the Nite Dawg leash features a weather-resistant, enclosed switch that allows you to choose illumination modes (glow or flash). Secured to your dog's collar with its strong, rotating spring clip.100 hour battery life and can replace the batteries when they wear down. 11.00
Nite Ize Spot Lit- Easy push-button switch to turn on a bright L.E.D. flash or constant glow. It's water resistant and has long life replaceable batteries that are included. Fits easily and securely to your dog's collar at about the size of quarter. When it's dark out this device gives off the perfect amount light to see where your pet is instantly without being too bright to bother your dog. Same colors as the balls or choose the multicolored style. 4.00 ea.
Premier Treat Pouch- Designed by renowned trainer Terry Ryan, this treat pouch has a super strong hinge, water resistant lining, storage pocket, a ring attachment and is roomy enough to fit your entire hand.
Various Colors
Beef Liver Biscotti- Naturally wholesome and preservative-free, the Liver Biscotti treats are made of only the finest ingredients. Contains beef liver and are baked fresh in the USA. 8oz - 4.00

Lickety Stik- Great new treat. Similar to a roll on deodorant stick, dogs lick the top in order to get the treat. 10 licks=1 calorie! Over 500 licks per container. Non messy formula, all natural ingredients, and high value. Dogs love this. 6.00
sorry, no picture available Freeze Dried Treats- Freeze dried to maintain flavor, aroma and nutritional integrity.
Turkey Thighs
Lamb Tripe
Buffalo Tripe
Chicken Heart
Beef Heart
Turkey Breast
11.00 ea.
Fresh Is Best Freeze Dried Duck Hearts- Same kind of product as the freeze dried treats listed above, but different brand. 12.00
Real Meat Treats- These tender morsels of jerky are 95% grass-fed venison. Easily torn into smaller pieces, these meaty treats are ideal to use for training.
Venison Flavor
12 oz- 14.00
4 oz- 6.00
Natural Balance Cat Treats- Good for training at the perfect size and the meaty morsels are packed with intense flavor. Only one calorie per piece for a healthy, guilt-free snack.
Salmon, Chicken or Rabbit
3 oz- 2.00
Zukes Z-Bones- Edible grain-free bones. The healthy way to clean teeth and freshens breath. Cleans teeth by using ridged surface to help scrape and polish ideal texture as well as give a longer chew time. Promotes digestibility with natural grain free fiber-rich ingredients. This is to address a problem caused by difficult to digest wheat gluten and other grains commonly found in many other ingredient lists. This also makes it a great choice for allergy dogs.
Carrot or Apple Flavor
Large- 2.50
Regular- 2.00
Small- 1.00
Natural Balance Rolls- A great training treat. High value to dogs, they can't get enough of it!
Lamb, Beef, or Turkey Flavors
4 lb- 11.50
2.5 lb- 8.00
1 lb- 5.00
8 oz- 3.50
2.75 oz- 1.00
Natural Balance Duck flavor- Same as the other flavored rolls, but with Duck ingredients. Good for dogs with allergies or on a limited diet. 1 lb- 7.00
8 oz- 4.00
Zukes Mini Bakes- are the crunchy, delicious, and a perfect size. Great for training. Each flavor begins with ground oats - never wheat or corn - enhanced with a scrumptious protein source, plus a nutritious whole-food flavor addition like blueberries, potatoes or cherries. Over 325 treats per box or you can break them in half for over 650 treats per box! Guilt Free Feeding because it's healthy, natural and at only 5 calories each. Clean to the core with no wheat, no corn, no artificial flavors, and no by-products. They are great to store in your pocket; you don't have to worry about the greasy residue other treats can leave in your pocket or on your hands.
Various flavors
1 lb box- 5.00
Little Lulus Little LuLu treats are healthy, flavorful and free of salt, preservatives and anything artificial. Baked with whole grains and flours and is a natural choice for your best friend. Enjoy! No wheat, corn or soy, added salt or sugar, artificial ingredients, preservatives, trans fat, artificial colors, flavors or MSG.
Honey BBQ Chicken or Peanut Butter Bacon
8 oz- 4.00
Dog Nip! Treats- Only two ingredients, cage-free chicken and either apple or carrot. The chicken breast is wrapped around a piece of apple or carrot. There are no added hormones, antibiotics, steroids, by-products, fillers, or preservatives. Baked at low temperatures to maintain nutritional value. New packaging keeps products fresh longer!
Carrot or Apple Flavor
Majesty's Buddy Bites- Joint therapy is a program many experts recommend. Majesty's Buddy Bites Flex Wafers use supplements identical to what humans consume to increase the dog's range of motion and aid in decreasing inflammation associated with high levels of activity or conditions associated with age such as arthritis. We suggest you always check with you veterinarian before using any supplement. 23.00

Fit Paws Peanut- For core strengthening, increased range of motion and flexibility, neuromuscular facilitation, sensory and perceptual stimulation, joint alignment, and balance control. The Peanut style is a good choice for beginners and for weight-bearing exercises as the unique shape of the peanut provides an easier balance challenge and rolls in one direction or plane at a time. Whether your dog is involved in agility, dock jumping, other dog sports, or is a working dog or a couch potato with healthier aspirations, core strength is a fundamental element used by your dog to control its body when jumping, turning, running and to help prevent injuries. Core conditioning is an essential part of any athletes training program, including the performance dog. If your dog participates in agility competitions, you'll want to make sure your dog is in prime physical condition. Once on top of the conditioning equipment, your dog's body will automatically react to the shifting movement, causing your dog to use different muscle groups simultaneously in order to remain upright. Adding this strengthening activity to your dog's cross-training activities 3-4 times a week, has many benefits, including:
Improved reaction and control
Increased trunk and core strength
Stabilization of weak areas
Improved balance and proprioception (awareness of the body's position in space)
Increased range of motion in joints & elongation of the muscles
Improved sensory & body awareness
80cm 90.00
Nature's Miracle- A convenient spray to help clean and neutralize odors. 7.00

We carry dog beds of all sizes, shapes, and colors. Please let us know if you don't see the bed you need!

Just in-Handmade safety attatchment for prong collars. Just like the Halti, but for Prong! In case the prong links fail, your dog is still attached to the leash via the collar. Variety of sizes, 3.00 ea.

Anything else you need from us, please let us know. We can order almost anything for you and your dog!

Best Friends also rents out Crates, X-pens, Scat Mat, and Citronella Collars.



We also have custom leather leashes in various sizes:


5/8” x6’-18.00

1/2” x 6’-17.00

3/8” x 6’-15.00

1/4 x 6’-14.00

3/8 x 4’-14.00

1/2” x 6’ slip lead-12.00


Waist walker leash - Has clips to fit around your waist. 15.00


2 snap leash (a bolt snap on each end of the leash, great for walking two dogs) 12.00


E-Z Prong Collars - Various sizes. We can fit your dog and give you a lesson on how to best use this training aid. We also carry extra prong links if you need to enlarge the collar. E-Z Prong makes it easier to put on and take off of the dog. Has a snap clip instead of pinching the individual prongs. Also keeps prongs from wearing out from the repeated pinching when you put the collar on and off. Various sizes  20.00 ea.


Regular style prong collars -15.00


Best Friends also rents out Crates, X-pens, Scat Mat, and Citronella Collars.



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