Tricks Classes


Make Your Dog a Star!


Tricks Class


Open to Puppies and Dogs of all ages


Amaze your friends and family with fun and useful tricks!


Teaching tricks increases a dog’s flexibility, strengthens obedience behaviors, and adds to your bond and relationship.


You will learn a variety of different tricks such as rollover, shake, bow, crawl and spin; as well as some other creative and flashy ones, such as jumping through hoops (or your arms!).


You will learn different training methods such as targeting, luring, clicker training, eliciting and capturing.


Each student will have the opportunity at conclusion of the class to have a video of their dog’s performance to keep.




Then…after Tricks Class… Also Join Us for…


Extreme Tricks Class


Pre-Requisite:  Tricks Class or equivalent background


With an eye on creating a performance group, this class is designed to focus on the more difficult and flashy behaviors.

Group input and your “fantasy” trick will be encouraged and supported.  Training will include work with clicker/marker, food, toys, and tons of laughter and applause.  We will use props and costumes where appropriate.  We will chain tricks together to form story lines and we will work on group behaviors.  This class is for play and experimentation, with goals of performance and fun in mind.  If you and your dog have a background in tricks and a desire to add more, this class is for you!

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