Some people feel that taking your dog to a “Doggy Daycare” is pretty funny.  Others understand that the physical and mental stimulation that the dogs experience being in a facility that caters to the canine psyche is part and parcel to having a healthy dog.


Years ago, the concept of Dog Daycare was very new.  Best Friends Dog Daycare in Corvallis, Oregon was the first such business in the state.  In the years since it first opened, in 1998, the fledgling dog daycare industry has grown enormously.  In some cases, growing pangs have resulted from new ideas being pushed too quickly to fruition.  Everywhere you turn, someone has started caring for dogs in their home, or has opened daycare as an adjunct to an already established ancillary dog business.


Running a dog daycare is very similar to running a children’s daycare, …except for some very important differences.  For one, the attendees of a “dog” daycare always carry knives with them.  Dogs play by running, wrestling, chewing on each other and on toys.  All of those activities are potentially dangerous. 


A “Full Service” Dog Daycare, such as one that Best Friends provides, is more than just a space for dogs to co-mingle.  Full Service daycare guarantees that the staff personnel are in place to watch the dogs full time.  They do not check in randomly or view the dogs from adjacent rooms while doing other things.  Skilled employees, with years of training in the field, can greatly increase the safety of the players.  Dogs can be calmed and given personalized attention, as needed, because there is always enough staff to continue the process of supervising, brushing, cleaning, training, cuddling, redirecting and interacting.  A calm, orderly playroom adds greatly to the experience that the dogs enjoy.  Further, a Full Service Daycare can help dog owners with errands that take time away from the normal workday.  Dogs can be taken for vet appointments.  Grooming needs can be met.  In the unlikely event that a medical emergency would occur, having multiple people in attendance in the daycare assures that the dogs are not left alone or crated while the caretaker runs to the vet hospital.  Dogs can be picked up or taken home with no disruption in the normal routine of the daycare.


Full Service might mean a dollar or two more; but, it does, understandably, mean a lot more when it comes to having the trained personnel in place to properly care for happy, healthy, rambunctious pet animals.


Best Friends Doggy Daycare, Corvallis, Oregon

The First…and the Most ExperiencedFull Service Dog Daycare in Oregon.

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